Error Estimate Driven H-p Mesh Adaptivity

We implemented an error estimate driven mesh adaptivity scheme for the steady and unsteady Navier-Stokes equation

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Local Dynamic Procedure for VMS method

We present a high-order variational multiscale (VMS) method where the stabilization parameter is computed dynamically.

A variational Germano identity (VGI) based local procedure suitable for unstructured meshes and high order solution is developed to perform the dynamic computation of the coefficients in the stabilization parameter in a local fashion.

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Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

In order to provide a optimizer chosen guideline for aerodynamic shape optimization, we investigate several different optimization methods, including gradient based ones and non gradient methods.

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About me

Fascinated by the magic of air and technical of flying, I am always passionate about fluid dynamics. I am always curious about the shape of next generation aircrafts and the best performance they can achieve. 

I am a fourth year P.h.D student in the aerospace engineering department at RPI. Currently I am working in the Flow Computation and Physics Lab. My research interests include high order methods in Finite Element Method, error driven mesh adaptivity and aerodynamic shape optimization.

I want to become an expert in computational simulation, analysis, design and optimization. Working with a group of dynamic, intelligent and open minded people, I believe I can be one step closer to my goals.