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My Experience

I worked in various research labs during the past few years. Currently I am working in the Flow Computation and Physics Lab. My research focus on high order method in Finite Element analysis and local dynamic VGI procedure for VMS method.

Before that, I worked in the physics validation group at EXA Corp. I participated in developing the new turbulence model for POWEFLOW. I used OpenFOAM to solve turbulent boundary layer problems, compared near wall velocity profile obtained by different turbulent model and wall functions.

I also worked as a research assistant at the Multidisciplinary Design Optimization group in University of Michigan from 2013 to 2014.  We examined characteristics and performance on gradient-based and gradient-free optimizers.

Meet the Team

My parents, my husband and our dog Panda has always supported me. I want to share my special thanks to them.


The most brave dog I've ever met 

Our Family

 Special thanks to my loving family!